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Global Perspectives: Community Learning Events & Activities for Students and Their Families

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Learning Continues Outside of the Classroom

English Now! offers students and their families a calendar of enriching experiences that go beyond the classroom. Meaningful community learning activities bring our school to life. We explore a variety of topics and visit many places, virtually and in-person, in a supportive learning environment. Online and in-person, our Global Perspectives Events, Friday Outings, and Outdoor Events make English Now! a special place to learn English. Family members are welcome to join us, as are alumni!

Global Perspectives - Talks Led by Our Students and Alumni, Supported by our Instructors

English Now! teaches English as a tool for communication, to build relationships and understanding. As a global language, English helps people from throughout the world to learn from each other. Our Global Perspectives Events feature our students and alumni sharing their points of view on important topics, such as human rights, world affairs, medical advancements, and conflict management. Global Perspectives Events are an opportunity to learn from each other. An English Now! colleague moderates each discussion, inviting questions and comments from all event participants.

Our students have expertise in many fields, including business, engineering, architecture, medicine, law, journalism, and education. What are your interests? Attend a Global Perspectives event, ask questions, and participate in an engaging conversation about an important topic. Do you have expertise you'd like to share? For many students and alumni, participating in a Global Perspectives event is a great opportunity to lead a conversation in English with our supportive school community.

Global Perspectives Topics in Fall 2020 included:

English Now! students, alumni, and teachers from near and far participate in a 2020 Global Perspectives event

(Global Perspectives on Online Learning) was meaningful and very relevant to know about the point of view of the students in this pandemic.
- José Giron, Director, Bilingual Training Academy, Ipala, Guatemala

(The conversation about social media) was amazing, and I was so happy to learn how adults view social media similarly and differently than me! Thank you, (English Now!), for this marvelous opportunity!
- Vicky Ritter, Teen Panelist, Global Perspectives on Social Media and student, Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda, MD

I really enjoyed the (Global Perspectives on Online Learning) event and I loved hearing different teens from literally all over the world. It reminds me that I’m not alone!
- Elena Cavallari, Teen Panelist, Global Perspectives on Online Learning, Italy

Most Global Perspectives Events are also made available broadly to the international community through English Now!'s Community Service partner, the Washington Center for International Education. Some Global Perspectives Events are co-sponsored with our partners. FAES at the National Institutes of Health joined us in January, 2021 for our Celebrating Scientists event. Montgomery College, Office of Community Engagement, joined us in February, 2021 for The Global Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a conversation with international teens.

Friday Outings

Every Friday, one of our instructors leads a virtual trip to a special destination or an in-person tour a D.C. area attraction. Virtual outings have taken us to destinations near and far - from museums and neighborhoods in D.C. and New York to our student's dairy farm in Italy!

In-person destinations for Friday Outings (when weather and public health considerations permit) include the U.S. Capitol Visitors' Center, the Air & Space Museum, monuments on the Washington Mall, the National Archives, as well as less common destinations such as Voice of America, and National Public Radio (shown below, and see photos from a visit to NPR's studio in Washington, D.C.!). Most museums in Washington offer free admission, so the only expense for in-person outings is the cost of Metro transportation.

English Now! visits National Public Radio

Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see where we have been and where we are going.

Outdoor Events

One distinctive aspect of the English Now! experience is our outdoor special events. These special events are all optional - students are not required to participate – but they are a great way to experience and better understand the United States. Join us for great outdoor activities in all four seasons.

The following Outdoor Events will be back when it's safe, in 2021:

Memorial Day Barbecue

Each year we welcome students and their families, as well as members of our team, to our annual Memorial Day barbecue in Falls Church, Virginia. Memorial Day, in late May, is usually considered the beginning of summer. Many Americans have a barbecue with friends and neighbors, to celebrate this holiday. English Now! director Paul Boesen invites the school community to his home in Falls Church, Virginia for a traditional holiday event. All are welcome to eat traditional American foods, converse with other students and teachers, and celebrate Memorial Day. Falls Church also has a “small-town” parade, which annually attracts about 15,000 people. Enjoy the holiday with us! See a photo from the parade here, and more photos here from our 2019 Memorial Day picnic and parade in Falls Church!

Shenandoah Outings and Potomac River Trips

Each summer and fall we organize enjoyable trips to the Shenandoah Mountain region of Virginia and day trips on the Potomac River. The highlight of our outdoor programs is Shenandoah Mountain camping & hiking trips. We travel with students to do hikes including Virginia's famous Old Rag Mountain, considered one of the best hikes on the East Coast, and organize overnight camping experiences. See the photo of the view from Old Rag Mountain above, and experience the campfire in the photo below!

Families are welcome. See more photos from past Shenandoah Mountain Outings here!

In addition, we organize fall outings closer to Bethesda and Washington, D.C. Students and their families may drive or bike to a picnic lunch at Fletcher's Boathouse in Northwest Washington, D.C. Biking is along the Capital Crescent Trail, five miles into Washington, D.C., to the picnic. After lunch many try kayaking on the Potomac River. You'll be amazed at what a great experience this can be, so close to downtown Washington, D.C.

Enjoy the Region On Your Own

We are also happy to recommend ways for you to enjoy the region on your own. We have a library of recommendations of our best ideas about day- or weekend-visits, to destinations including Charlottesville, Virginia; New York; Philadelphia; and the Shenandoah Mountains. Our team voted in 2016 and selected these outings as their favorites in the area. And we have even done a special profile of Yellowstone National Park. Whether you're in the U.S. for a year or a lifetime, we encourage our students to explore - and see some of the amazing natural beauty the U.S. offers. Enjoy our recommendations! We are happy to offer you some ideas about how best to experience the U.S., whether you are new to the country or have been here for years.

Contact us to learn more about activities at the school. Also, if you are planning to enroll, an outing might be a great way to learn about the school and how it works. Ask about joining us at an activity coming up soon!