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Business English / Sales

Business English students

These classes will prepare you for an American workplace and help you develop useful business communication skills. We understand how business works: through face-to-face meetings, phone conference calls, formal and informal presentations, and negotiations. Prepare for your work in English language in private or semi-private lessons or with colleagues in a Corporate Program.

General Business English Curriculum

The needs of students in Business English are as varied as the world of business itself. Whatever your area of interest, ask us about a curriculum and approach to lessons that has the greatest impact on your business. Whether your needs relate to management, marketing, strategy, negotiations, or any other topic, we have carefully surveyed available curriculum to be ready to address your specific needs. Multi-level series such as Market Leader or the Economist Intelligence Unit's curricula, or Professional English materials from Cambridge University Press are just a few of the high-quality curricula that are available to our instructors.

If you are interested in Business English for your career and other purposes, we would be happy to test your English proficiency and recommend a program tied to the competencies you are developing. We are also glad to talk to corporate HR, or your manager, if that would be of assistance.

Growing Your Business Through Sales & Business Development

One special area of our emphasis is on growing your business through sales and business development. Using learning-assimilation-facilitation methodology, we can teach a class that examines the vocabulary and techniques of sales. Communication strategies are taught from well-known sales communications curriculum. In these classes, we will also delve into day-to-day news through specialty journals such as The Wall Street Journal. A significant emphasis will be placed on sales role playing and simulation, with content if you like from your business. This class will be taught as a private lesson or, if multiple students are at a similar level of English proficiency and have similar schedules, a semi-private lesson or small group class. Ask about convenient class times in the morning, before work. We would be happy to help you get your day started in a manner that contributes to the long-term success of your business.

Business English Program Leadership

Michael David is our lead Sales and Business English instructor. He teaches ESOL chiefly to students at the high intermediate and advanced levels and also teaches TOEFL preparation for students preparing for that exam. A graduate of Hobart & Wm Smith Colleges, Michael first served in the US Air Force and then had a successful career in business-to-business sales. Following several decades of working in business, Michael decided to pursue a career teaching ESOL. He then earned a certificate from Lado International College in teaching English as a foreign language. Michael lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, and enjoys antique automobiles, vintage western swing and country music, cooking, reading, and politics.

Paul Boesen is the Managing Director of English Now! and consults on curriculum and program design for students and organizations with an interest in Business English. Paul’s background in education includes experience in international program development and administration, as well as university admissions and enrollment management. Prior to his career in education, Paul worked in investment banking and private equity for the Goldman Sachs Group in New York, Frankfurt, and Singapore; and for the World Economic Forum in Geneva and Beijing. Paul’s academic background is in economics, Asian studies, and law, and he is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School. In addition to his work at English Now!, Paul also serves as Senior Advisor to the GreenPoint Group, a Washington, DC and Beijing-based strategic advisory firm that connects people and resources between the United States and China. Paul was also the first Executive Director of (and still serves as a Special Advisor to) the US-China Education Trust, a Washington-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote US-China relations through education and exchange for China’s next-generation leaders. Paul resides in Falls Church, Virginia, with his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children.

If you have questions, or to learn more on how to enroll in the English Now! Business Sales or Business English Programs, please visit us at the school or contact us.