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English Now! and our community service partner, the Washington Center for International Education (WCIE), organize service learning and volunteer programs year-round.

Our goals are to connect the Washington, D.C. international community to the local community, and to help others. We strive to offer a variety of programs and are always open to suggestions! Check out our existing service learning programs here. We hope you can join us! In addition, we encourage you to collaborate with English Now and WCIE to support these opportunities:

September House MAJ is a great organization and is a long-term English Now!/WCIE partner. September House MAJ provides support for everyday life for Japanese people living in the Mid-Atlantic region. The organization helps families overcome financial, social, and emotional hardship by providing them with consultations in Japanese, including assistance accessing appropriate public resources, and also including food assistance during this crisis.

September House MAJ has an Amazon Wish list that enables you to donate Japanese food to families in need. Click here:


If you purchase food on this list, Amazon will send it automatically to September House MAJ.

Identity, Inc. is a wonderful nonprofit that serves Latino and other historically underserved youth + their families to realize their full potential. Identity, Inc. works with in-school and out-of-school youth and their families in Montgomery County. They strive to address these families’ needs to promote academic success and reduce poverty.

Bethesda Cares is a great, local organization that serves the homeless in Bethesda and Montgomery County. Bethesda Cares urgently needs food to feed the homeless. Click on any of the links below to order food. Have orders shipped to Bethesda Cares: Maria Garcia Ripa, Operations Director, Bethesda Cares, 7728 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Year-Round Community Service Programs

Community Service for Adults. English Now! and WCIE encourage international residents of the Washington, D.C. area to consider volunteering. Volunteering offers an opportunity to speak English outside the classroom, meet people, and engage across cultures.

Community Service Week schedule

Student Service Learning (SSL) for International Teens. WCIE also organizes programs that enable international teens to earn SSL service hours. SSL service hours are required for high school graduation in State of Maryland public schools and are encouraged in many private schools. For information about WCIE's SSL programs, see here.

Community Service Weeks. For the last five years, we have offered two Community Service Weeks a year, in the spring and fall. Community Service Weeks offer many options to participate in small group community service activities. We are excited to announce that our Fall 2021 Community Service Week will take place September 10th-19th. Join us to think globally, and serve locally! See the schedule for our Spring 2021 Community Service Week, email us to get involved, and we look forward to meeting you this fall!

Community Service Week Steering Committee

We would like to thank the members of our Community Service Week Steering Committee who made this week possible! Their dedication to the development and organization of these events was invaluable. Please join us in celebrating the hard work of Wendy Morris, Michael Kranefeld, Sally Dai, Ana Hauache, Kanako Akai, Marlene Da Vargem, and Efrem Gobena

Please provide us your name and email address in the form below. We will email you about additional programs to serve the community and bring us together.

Thank you very much for your interest in community service. We look forward to serving the community together with you!