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You've read piles of scientific journals and you've studied English grammar for years, now get comfortable speaking in English with your international colleagues!

Researchers from all over the world use English as their common language to share their findings with their colleagues, and health care practitioners use English to communicate with patients and colleagues. Whether you are working in a lab, presenting at a medical conference, or communicating with patients, it is important to understand English and speak English well. While English is the international language of medicine, this can be challenging for many medical professionals whose first language is not English. It takes practice to communicate effectively in another language, especially when adjusting to a new culture. For information about our approach to Language, Culture, and Medicine classes, see here.

How is English Now! Unique? English Now! has served students from the NIH medical research and related health care communities from its location in downtown Bethesda for decades. Our small class size makes us uniquely focused on personalization of curriculum and teaching to the specific needs of students. Our purpose to inspire students to engage, enjoy, and thrive, in their studies and during their time in the U.S. is aligned with the needs of high-level professional students. We do more than teach English: we provide the support you need to communicate successfully in the global workplace. Also, ask us about our Beyond the Classroom programs: office hours with our staff, monthly lunchtime talks, potluck lunches, and outings.

Course Schedule, Tuition & Registration: (1) We teach this class as a semi-private lesson for two or three students with similar needs, levels, and schedules. Do you have a colleague that might be interested? For a semi-private lesson, tuition is $672 for 16 sessions. (2) This class is also offered as a private lesson, at dates and times at your convenience. Private lessons, tuition is $40 per class hour, plus registration fee. All students pay a $40, one-time registration fee. Books and materials are extra and usually between $30 and $40.

Contact Us. For more information, or to register for the Language, Culture and Medicine course, call English Now! at 301.718.3575 or email us.