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Seasonal Programs for High School/University Students Study with English Now! During Your School Vacation

Improve your language skills when you have time to focus on your English. English Now!'s classes are probably very different than the ones in your home country. Our classes enroll a maximum of six students, so you should expect an engaging, dynamic, and personalized class experience. You will actually speak English - and you will know your teacher, your teacher will know you, and you will meet classmates from around the world in a very different classroom environment than in your home country.

Calendar. We are glad to welcome you to classes during your time off, especially in January-February (for students in South America), or in June-August. Many students choose to study with us when they are on vacation from high school or university studies, before starting a new phase of their education or a new semester of school.

Online and in-person. Our students have studied in private lessons online since 2015 and have been enjoying small group classes online since March 2020. We look forward to coming back to the classroom when it is safe to do so--in Summer 2021--but we will continue to offer fully online programs to reach students around the world, even when we are back in the classroom.

The academic program. Our small group Semi-Intensive/Intensive English Program classes – six students maximum – engage students in a dynamic online classroom environment, developing language and critical thinking skills that prepare students for a rapidly-changing world.

The school community. When you enroll, and even after you finish your studies with us, you can join dynamic community learning activities with our students and alumni from around the world. Check out our most recent Student and Alumni Activity Calendar. We host discussions and learning events, both online and in-person when possible, because we believe that the purpose of language is to build understanding among people.

To get a sense of our school community, we also invite you to check us out on Instagram at @englishnow_wcie. We look forward to meeting you!

Detailed Program Description: Seasonal Semi-Intensive English Program

Term Dates - 2021:

Term Dates - 2022:

Special, Optional Program Opportunity: Learn to negotiate an international crisis like a diplomat, and learn about a critical environmental issue. Students in January-February 2021 may have an opportunity to join our Youth Facing the Global Freshwater Crisis Diplomacy Simulation and Advocacy Program, February 1 and 3, 2021 (see details below).

Students: students age 15-25, minimum Low Intermediate/B1 level of language proficiency (High/Upper Intermediate/B2 level recommended).

Learning Objectives & Curriculum:

As an English Now! Student, you will be able to

Program Format: Classes are interactive and discussion-based: English Now! instructors connect topics to student experiences and advance student English proficiency with a focus on developing listening and speaking skills for improved communication. Students prepare to participate in each class through relevant reading and listening assignments.

Schedule: Monday through Friday, two hours per day, 10 contact hours per week. Classes are offered at different times of the day, including convenient times for students anywhere in the world. Typical class schedule is 9:30-11:30am, U.S. Eastern time - ask us about options convenient for students in Asia.

Our program includes:

Application and registration: Application requires English proficiency testing. Click here to take our online placement test and here to register. There is no cost and no commitment with testing and registration, until you confirm your registration in a specific term.

Join us online from anywhere in the world: Engage with English language studies in an active, enjoyable online classroom environment. We'll also hold classes in-person in Bethesda, Maryland, outside of Washington, D.C., when it's safe!

Tuition: $600 for a four-week term; $350 for two-week term; $175 for one-week term. Includes a book or access to online curriculum.

Registration fee: $40 per student

Activities: included, no additional charge