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Seasonal Programs for High School/University Students: Study with English Now! During Your School Vacation

Improve your language skills when you have time to focus on your English. English Now!'s classes are probably very different than the ones in your home country. Our classes enroll a maximum of six students in-person. Online are even smaller, maximum four students!), so you can expect an engaging, dynamic, and personalized class experience.

You will actually speak English in our classes. You will know your instructor, your instructor will know you, and you will meet classmates from around the world in a very active classroom environment.

Calendar. We are glad to welcome you to classes during your time off. Many South American students join us in January-February, and students from around the world join us June-August—but all are welcome, if your schedule permits!

Academic program-online (June-August 2021). Our small group classes – four students maximum – engage students from around the world. Study two days a week. One-hour classes, twice-weekly, focus on oral English proficiency and listening comprehension. Meet students from around the world. Start with the English you've learned in your home country – and improve your fluency in our small group classes.

Academic program-in-person. Our small group Semi-Intensive/Intensive English Program classes – six students maximum – engage students in a dynamic classroom environment. Classes address all skill areas, developing language and critical thinking skills that prepare students for a rapidly-changing world. Classes meet three or four days per week. See here for more information.

This month's activities on a calendar

The school community. When you enroll, and even after you finish your studies with us, you can join dynamic community learning activities with our students and alumni from around the world. During June-August 2021, we'll explore New York City and Washington, D.C., with online activities designed to introduce you to some of the cities that you may want to see. We hope you enjoy seeing some of New York and Washington with us this summer!

Instagram. To get a sense of our school community, we also invite you to check us out on Instagram at @englishnow_wcie. We look forward to meeting you!

Application and registration: Application requires English proficiency testing. Click here to take our online placement test and here to register. There is no cost and no commitment with testing and registration, until you confirm your registration in a specific term.

Class Schedule: Classes meet two days a week, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Most classes meet at 10:00 or 11:00am, U.S. Eastern time, convenient for students in the Americas (late morning) or Europe (late afternoon, before dinner). Additional classes are available in the evening, U.S. time, mornings in Asia, in late July and August.

Activity Schedule: Explore New York and Washington D.C. on Fridays, 10:30am U.S. Eastern time-included, no additional charge Explore New York and Washington D.C. on Fridays, 10:30am U.S. Eastern time-included, no additional charge—and enjoy our school’s entire calendar of activities (see our July activity calendar).

Tuition: US$50/week (register for two weeks minimum)

Registration fee: $40 per student (one-time only)

Payment: Payment is by credit/debit card, online on a secure platform