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Summer Youth Program

This summer, we look forward to working with children to help them in two important ways:

In-person classes will be held in classrooms equipped with HEPA air purifiers and in accordance with all current COVD-19 protocols. Come learn, engage, and explore with us in our joyful and responsible environment!

SUMMER TERM AND SCHEDULE. Summer classes start Monday, June 21 and continue through Friday, August 27. Enroll for as few as two or as many as 10 weeks. You may begin at any time throughout the summer. Schedules are flexible—one, two, or three days a week.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES. Student participants will build vocabulary and strengthen their use of English, as they think, write, talk, and learn creatively with others in an interactive classroom environment. Younger children will focus on oral English, vocabulary development, and appropriately engaging with their peers. Older students will also strengthen critical thinking skills, through active conversation, writing, and small group activities.



This month's activities on a calendar

ONLINE AND PRIVATE LESSON OPTIONS. We know that many students have fallen behind this year--and we also know that families want and need flexibility more than ever. If these classes don't work for your schedule – or if you want an online option, private lessons are available, to permit students to make up for missed time in English during the school year, even if they are back in their home country.

ACTIVITIES. In addition to classes, enjoy activities designed for families and led by our instructors—Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo and more!—as well as our school’s entire calendar of activities (see our July activity calendar).

FOR INFORMATION OR TO ENROLL. If you have questions, or to learn more on how to enroll in the English Now! Summer Youth Program, please visit us at the school or contact us, or to enroll click here.