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Writing well is challenging for native speakers, making it a skill area that deserves a very special approach for our students. We are grateful to have instructors that love to teach writing. Listen to Peggy Blair talk about learning to write:

We invite you to consider three approaches to writing, as part of your studies at English Now!

Option One: Focus on Writing: Writing Workshops for Specific Purposes

We offer focused Writing Workshops, for students with specific objectives for their writing. These classes offer significant, personalized writing support for higher-level students that are ready to learn to write well in English.

Students in a writing class

Writing Workshop Meeting Times, Registration, and Tuition: Workshops enroll between one and four students, depending on areas of focus, student interests, and student levels of proficiency. Workshops include one face-to-face session per week, for 45 minutes (if one student), one hour (if two), or 75 minutes (if three or four). Please send us a writing sample, indicate your area of focus, and ask us about meeting times.

These workshops include significant interaction with the instructor outside of class.In addition to the face-to-face session with your instructor, you will receive comments on your work through email exchanges with your instructor. This is an efficient and very personalized approach, designed to have real impact on your writing. Tuition: $190 per four-week term, for one face-to-face session per week, as well as approximately 45 minutes per week of instructor preparation for each student, including review of and comments on written material. (Note: more intensive writing programs are available, tell us about your needs and interests.)

Option Two: Writing in the English Now! Intensive English Program

Second, we offer writing workshops as part of our higher-level Intensive English Program groups. These workshops, taught two days per week from 12:45 until 2:00pm as part of our Intensive English Program, provide students with writing practice to balance their language skills and improve their fluency in speaking as well. Students will practice writing simple, compound, and complex sentences, as well as going through the stages of writing paragraphs and essays, including a pre-writing stage to be followed by a first draft and then a revised, fully edited version. Work will be discussed and critiqued in class.

To learn more, see the description of our Intensive English Program including afternoon workshops and please contact us at the school.

Option Three: Writing in the English Now! Conversation Plus Model

Third, some students in our higher-level Conversation Courses would also like to focus on writing as they advance in their English. For these students, we suggest that students consider adding a one- or two-hour private lesson each week to their Conversation Course as part of our "Conversation Plus" model. For a "Conversation Plus" private lesson focused on writing, half of the time is spent working face-to-face with an instructor, and half of the time with the instructor preparing, reviewing and offering comments on written work, with comments exchanged by email.

To learn more, see the description of our Conversation Courses including our "Conversation Plus" model and please contact us at the school.

For More Information and to Register

We look forward to working with you on your writing. Please note that there is a one-time registration fee of $40 for your first class atEnglish Now! For more information about English Now!and our unique approach to English language study, please visit the school orcontact usfor more information or to register today.