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English for Lawyers & Diplomats

We recognize that lawyers and diplomats have significant needs to be able to speak and write accurately and clearly in English. At English Now! we are pleased to offer a customized approach to meet these needs, whether you are now a practicing lawyer, an active diplomat or were once trained as a diplomat or lawyer and are currently not at work.

Distinct Approach. As part of our district approach to English for Lawyers and Diplomats, we can help you improve and refine all of your English language skills, with particular attention to speaking and writing skills. You will learn to write effectively and persuasively — whether you are writing a legal or diplomatic memorandum, an email to colleagues, or a letter of advice to a client.

Customized Classes and Lessons with Content Learning. At your request, we can create a special class or lesson which will integrate improvement of your English language skills with content instruction in a specific legal or diplomatic topic of your choice.

For example, we would be pleased to create a program of customized length to increase your knowledge of a specific area of U.S. domestic law. Or, perhaps you would like to gain a greater understanding of the operation of the state and federal judicial system of the U.S. We can also provide integrated instruction on special topics within the areas of private and public international law.

Our small group courses (maximum of three to six students) would include you and other members of your law firm, legal department, embassy or company to focus on a subject or subjects of your choice. Or, if you are not part of an existing group, we can bring you together with similar students at English Now! to form a new small class.

Sample courses might include topics such as:

Meanwhile, private lessons for lawyers & diplomats are tailored very specifically to the unique needs of the student. Given that legal practitioners' and diplomats' needs are varied and sometimes very specific, private lessons may be the most efficient and effective manner to serve students in this area.

Instructors with Legal Backgrounds. Several English Now! instructors have earned their J.D. (Juris Doctor) law degrees and worked as lawyers and/or received degrees in international relations, before studying to become teachers of English as a Second Language. Some instructors are also published authors. They are able to craft small groups, semi-private, or private lessons to meet your particular needs.

Flexible Times and Schedules. Our instructors are flexible as to times and dates of meetings and we can adjust our class schedules to your particular time zone. Classes may be offered online, at our school, or in a hybrid model combining these approaches.

Tuition and Fees. Tuition & fees vary based on the size of your group class, lesson term, and curriculum.

Contact Us. Email us or send us an inquiry on WhatsApp at +1.301.718.3575. We would be happy to arrange a meeting on Zoom, the platform we use for our online classes, to talk in detail about your interest in English for Lawyers and Diplomats.