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Our private lessons provide one-on-one instruction of the highest quality. Each lesson is tailored to meet the specific need of the student whether it's conversation, pronunciation, writing, TOEFL preparation, interviewing techniques, presentation skills, or just about anything else!

Our flexible scheduling allows you to find a time and place that fits your lifestyle. Private lessons can be scheduled day or evening, Monday through Saturday at our school or at a location of your choosing.

We teach students of all levels. Students at higher levels of English proficiency may benefit from a curriculum that we often use called Professional English in Use. Published by Cambridge University Press, this curriculum is available for professionals in health sciences, business, law, and IT, and many high-level students feel that it provides them the tools that they need to use English more effectively.

Students at lower levels of English proficiency typically use one of our multi-level, general English curricula such as American Headway, and also make do additional listening comprehension work at the school (or at home). All private lesson students are invited to join our Friday and other outings, as we very much hope they can be part of the life of the school.

A teacher and student in a private lesson

Our reasonable rates make private lessons a great value. Tuition for private lessons held at English Now! is $43 per hour. Tuition for private lessons held at another location is $53 per hour (note: offsite lessons are scheduled for a minimum of 75 minutes).

Tuition for semi-private lessons of two or three students is $28 per hour per student ($33 per hour per student for lessons held at another location).

There is a one-time registration fee of $40 for your first class at English Now! Books cost extra, usually $30-$50, and are billed at the cost to the school. Please let us know if you already have books and materials that you would like to use for your lessons.

We ask students to commit to and pay for a minimum of 10 hours of private or semi-private lessons when they register and when we schedule the lessons. In the event that you are not satisfied with your lessons for any reason, we are glad to refund unused tuition monies.

For more information about English Now! and our unique approach to English language study, please visit the school or contact us for more information today.