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English Now! prepares students for the TOEFL through a program of private lessons taken. These courses are designed for English learners at the high intermediate to advanced level that are preparing for the TOEFL-iBT. Our TOEFL preparation program is far more personalized than those of test prep centers. English Now! teaches TOEFL in private lessons, designing a program that is tailored to a student’s strengths and weaknesses and score objectives, to meet the student’s specific needs–and to save the student time and money.

Most of our instructors use the Education Testing Service (ETS) test preparation materials (depicted here), plus supplemental materials related to the skill area where the student requires the greatest focus. In addition to class time, you should plan on spending significant time outside of class completing practice tests.

The objectives for the program are to:

A typical TOEFL preparation program at English Now! is as follows:

If you have questions about TOEFL preparation at English Now!, please visit us at the school, or contact us.

A Note on Recent Developments in Standardized Testing: Duolingo English Test & TOEFL Essentials - and Prep for Other Tests (e.g. Cambridge, IELTS, etc.)

English Now! monitors developments in English language standardized testing closely. As you may know, Duolingo has recently launched a new test platform, the Duolingo English Test, which promises a convenient, fast, and affordable test, with results accepted by over 3000 institutions available in two days. ETS meanwhile has launched a new, shorter TOEFL Essentials test, which is much shorter in total length (1.5 hours), and which has general content questions (not just academic ones), more vocabulary and sentence construction, and a new personal video statement. “TOEFL Essentials” also has an “adaptive” format, which means as an individual student takes the test, it will adapt to that student’s skill (higher or lower) level. (TOEFL-iBT does not do that.)

We are monitoring these developments and are happy to help students understand which test they should take and prepare students for their preferred test.

In addition, English Now! is happy to help students prepare food other tests - such as Cambridge, IELTS, Michigan, and other assessments - and also has significant experience preparing students for the TOEIC and Eiken tests.