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The goal of English Now!’s English for Workplace Communication courses is to help professionals from a variety of fields feel more confident using English in their professional lives. Adjusting to a new workplace in the United States can be challenging, even for native speakers of English. For non-native speakers, even after years of studying English, it can be very difficult to communicate effectively in a professional environment. We provide students with the coaching and practice they need to speak and understand English in typical workplace situations, from the conference room to the break room. Special attention is given to participating in meetings, including asking and answering questions, agreeing and disagreeing, and delivering presentations. Students will learn useful expressions and gain the skills they need to have more fulfilling interactions with their colleagues. Our maximum class size for these classes is six students, and many will be taught as private- and semi-private lessons, so our teachers are able to personalize instruction to meet the needs of each individual student.

Course Objectives. Students in English for Workplace Communication courses will gain practice in the following areas:

Level of English Proficiency. English for Workplace Communication classes are for students from High intermediate to Advanced levels. New students are placed in an appropriate class based on a written and oral assessment.

Curriculum. A wide variety of texts and materials are available to instructors working with students in our English for Workplace Communication courses. Instructors may draw on material from Communication in Business, Keynote Series (based on TED talks), Targeting Pronunciation, and Professional Interactions in English. In addition, classes will discuss current news stories related to students’ interests. Each teacher will assess the goals and language level of a particular group before selecting materials. Classes will focus on improving conversational ability while emphasizing listening comprehension skills, vocabulary development, common idiom usage, and practice in pronunciation and intonation.

Homework. English for Workplace Communication students at English Now! are encouraged to complete all homework assigned by their teachers in order to enhance progress in learning English. Homework may include short assignments in reading, writing, listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary development, as well as preparation for oral communications activities in class.

Schedules and Duration of Study. English for Workplace Communication classes meet once a week on Wednesday or Saturday mornings, or enroll in both group classes for a twice-weekly schedule. Private lessons are of course more flexible. We recommend at least two to three months of instruction for progress in English to be observable. We can generally accommodate students who have business travel commitments or take vacations—ask about our attendance policy.

Offsite Options. English Now! can customize an English for Workplace Communication course at your place of business. Ask us about our experiences teaching offsite: English Now! is pleased to offer a course for medical researchers through the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES), on the campus of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda and has taught programs with international development consulting firms, biotech firms, and embassies.

Special Activities Available at English Now!

All students are invited to participate in the following activities, as their schedules permit:

How is English Now! Unique? English Now! has served students from the diplomatic, business, health care, and other professional communities from its location in downtown Bethesda for decades. Our small class size makes us uniquely focused on personalization of curriculum and teaching to the specific needs of students. Our purpose – to inspire students to engage, enjoy, and thrive, in their studies and during their time in the U.S.—is aligned with the needs of high-level professional students. We do more than teach English—we provide the support you need to communicate successfully in the global workplace.

Course Schedule, Tuition & Registration

Options include the following:

All students pay a $40, one-time registration fee. Books and materials are extra and usually between $30 and $40.

For more information, or to register for the Effective Workplace Communications course, please visit us or contact us! Let us know if your manager or HR department colleagues need additional information. We have worked with many companies and are glad to provide whatever documentation is necessary, and to interface with companies’ HR and finance staff to support your registration.